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Flood of 2023 Archive

Flood of 2023


Flood of 2023


Documenting Vermont's response to the Flood of 2023


Leahy Library, Vermont Historical Society

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Cambridge Village at the height of the flood
A scan of Cambridge Village, taken from the intersection of Railroad Street and South Main Street, late afternoon July 11, when the flood was right around its peak. There is silence except for the sound of rushing water.

South Main Street, Cambridge, looking west
Cambridge Village, looking west from the intersection of Railroad Street with South Main Street

Cambridge Community Church surrounded by water
Cambridge Community Church, North Main Street, Route 15, and South Main Street

Winooski River "Dancer" outside of the Chace Mill, Burlington VT on July 12, 2023
This picture was taken of the Tyler Vendituoli sculpture approximately 1-hour before the flood waters of the Winooski River swept this almost life size sculpture down river in 2023. It had previously been secured to a tall cement foundation over…

Winooski River "Dancer" outside of the Chace Mill, Burlington VT in 2016
This shot is for comparison to the VT Flood Winooski River rise. This was the typical view of almost life size figurative sculpture by Tyler Vendituoli attached to a high cement foundation prior to the Vt. Flood 2023.

Kid raising money for flood relief
My 6 year old daughter, Nola Kantlehner, wanted to help the businesses in town so she brought face gems with us to a concert in Burlington and offered the other patrons to do designs for flood relief donations. Afterward she split the money between…

My 6 year old daughter, Nola Kantlehner, said of the piles of debris and trash: “everywhere you look, there are piles and piles. I wish the flood never even happened.” We’d point out to one another when we’d see something especially sad, like…

Kid volunteering
My 6 year old daughter wanted to come with her parents and help out so much.

Kids helping out
My 6 and 2 year olds wanted to help out so I put them in masks and a wagon and we delivered snacks and waters to the volunteers

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