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Flood of 2023 Archive

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Debris on Main Street, Montpelier

Debris is piled up in front of the Savoy Theater (26 Main Street) and The Drawing Board (24 Main…

Trash Piles, Elm Street, Montpelier

Trash piled in front of Resurection Baptist Church at 144 Elm Street and two neighboring buildings…

More Trash Piles, Elm Street, Montpelier

Trash piles as far as one can see lfrom the historic building at 155 Elm Street looking south.

July 10th, Stevens Branch

A section of the Stevens Branch between Mill Street and Walker Ave (near John Rogers & Sons) at…

July 10th, Stevens Branch Video

A short video of the Stevens Branch looking upstream at 11:52AM on July 10th.

Montpelier City Hall Parking Lot After Flood

View of the Montpelier City Hall Parking Lot on July 11, 2023 after flooding occurred. Photo taken…

Montpelier Main Street during Evacuation Efforts

Montpelier Main Street on the afternoon of July 11th, during evacuation efforts

Winooski River on July 11th, from Main Street Bridge

Winooski River on July 11th 2023, from the bridge at the intersection of Main Street and Memorial…

Taylor St. after flood waters receded

View of Taylor Street and the Pavilion building in the evening of July 11th 2023, after the flood…

July 10th, 10 Mill Street

The parking lot for 10 Mill Street at 11:54AM. This always floods in heavy rainstorms and during the…