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Flood of 2023 Archive

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Woodbelly Pizza Open, Montpelier

After emptying their flooded basement, the worker/owners of Woodbelly Pizza at 55 Barre Street…

Winooski River on July 11th, from Main Street Bridge

Winooski River on July 11th 2023, from the bridge at the intersection of Main Street and Memorial…

Winooski River from Rt. 2A bridge

Looking downstream.

Winooski River "Dancer" outside of the Chace Mill, Burlington VT on July 12, 2023

Peg Harrigan_VTFloodImages 20234.jpg
This picture was taken of the Tyler Vendituoli sculpture approximately 1-hour before the flood…

Winooski River "Dancer" outside of the Chace Mill, Burlington VT in 2016

Peg Harrigan_VTFloodImages 20233.jpg
This shot is for comparison to the VT Flood Winooski River rise. This was the typical view of almost…

Wet Basement Truck, Montpelier

Many houses that were not impacted by flooding experienced severe wet basements.

We are Vermont Strong

I wrote in red ink ‘We are’ on the iconic ‘I am Vermont Strong,’ and added a heart to it.

Water running from Farr Rd over Huntington Road

During the flash floods of July 16, 2023 in the Farr Road area, water runs from condo parking across…