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Flood of 2023 Archive

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July 10th, Stevens Branch

A look at the warehouses at 10 Mill Street from the backyard of 14 Mill Street. The inhabitants at…

July 10th, Stevens Branch

Parkside Terrace in Barre at 8:57PM. The field is completely covered with a couple of feet of water…

July 11th, Stevens Branch

An early-morning shot (5:42AM) of Mill Street. The water is still at the same level as it was at 8pm…

July 11th, Stevens Branch

A shot looking at 10 Mill St. The water has completely inundated both buildings. 5:43 am

July 11th, Stevens Branch

The water had begun to go down after a couple of hours in the morning. This is Cornerstone Park at…

July 12th, Stevens Branch

The roof of the neighbor's car is barely visible in the high waters on July 12th (1:34pm)

July 13th, Mill St

Cleanup begins on Mill Street, 3:12pm

July 16th, Barre Main Street

A sign from a white supremacist group called Patriot Front is placed in Barre's downtown park. The…

July 18th, Mill St.

Cleanup continues on Mill Street.

July 19th, Walker Ave

A picture of houses on Walker Ave.